1. "A shining foam is in the center of the page. Spread its constant movement over the page. Remember your mom’s smile." — @yokoonoofficial

    Yoko Ono is a great inspiration to me. I’ve admired her audacity and gracefulness ever since I studied her “Cut Piece (1964)” in one of my Art History courses. Oh, how I would love to be as creative and artistic as she is. Let’s put it this way… She’s flamboyantly amazing. 😎


  2. Truth. Regram: @younghungryfree


  3. Never got to experiment with my hair until after graduation. Trying to find my true colors. What will I do next? 💆🎨


  4. I’m so obsessed with pom pom flowers.


  5. Challenging my self by making 1000 paper cranes.


  6. #ootd
    I’m up this early on one of my two break days because I love singing and I miss performing.


  7. I love MAC’s Rebel.


  8. #soothingsistabday


  9. #soothingsistasbirthday



  11. Round 2. Yummy, yummy, yummy.


  12. Lol. Idk how to arrange this mess… But, individually, they’re gorgeous.


  13. New addition to my hanging garden.


  14. I need more tissue paper…


  15. My way of bringing temporary colors to plain walls. 3 packs of colored cardstock and 3 different sized and expensive hole punches.