1. Last one.


  2. The setting sun.


  3. Rainbow at red.


  4. The amazing views you see when in a car.


  5. Tunnel of woods.


  6. Zoom into Autumn.


  7. Meteorhive.

    I had hives almost 1 year ago, due to something else. Now it might be due to allergies to some bad sushi I ate.


  8. Autumn: Phase 1


  9. Rise and shine.


  10. Lol. Must be comfortable, Emeril.



  12. Makeup:
    Concealer | E.L.F.
    Lips | Revlon’s Pink Velvet

    [Ignore the mess in my room. There’s just piles everywhere.]


  13. ALL BLACK (#ootd )

    Maxi Skirt w/ Suspenders | @urbanoutfitters
    Black Thermal Long Sleeved Short | Uniqlo


  14. Time to change my hair too. I was going to wait till Halloween to do something special (that my parents would definitely murder me about), but I’m tired of this color. I should do it next Wednesday… Or whenever I’m 100% healthy again (which is never).


  15. Been going to work with minimal make up. Only concealer and lipstick. Gives me so much time to rest (not really).